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Start-up and Small Business Service

Our Start-up Small Business Service is a specialised, cost-effective package to help you start and develop your business.

We address the key functions that are essential to support you and your business. For example:

  • Business Planning
    Transform your vision into a viable and practical business plan to get you started.

  • Marketing, Selling, Sales Management and Customer Service
    Ensure your products or services quickly position, penetrate and differentiate themselves in the market place through market research, cost effective marketing, pro-active selling and first class customer support.

  • Operations, Manufacturing, HR and IT
    Practical advice and hands on help to make internal processes work efficiently to enable and support the entire business operation.

  • Funding, Bookkeeping Accounting, Financial Planning and Legal Issues
    A structured approach to investment and management of cash flow to give you a measurable return on your time, energy and effort.

We have a team of specialists to save you the time and trouble of searching any further. If you want to start or develop your business, then start by talking to us.

Help for Start-up Businesses:-
As a Business Advisor, my experience and knowledge coupled with practical advice has encouraged over 4000 people to start their own businesses.

Professional advice and help is available to assist you start your business some of which can be funded by the government.

This free of charge service entitles you to three hours business advice on any of the key subjects listed above.

I will help you write your Business and Marketing Plans and calculate the profit and loss budget plus the cash flow forecast.

This will assist you with approaching the banks or other funders to get your business up and running.

Help for Existing Businesses:-
Over the past 16 Years we have helped well over 350 local small to medium sized businesses grow and prosper.

Many of won “Business of the Year” awards.

Both these services will assist you in with the decisions and actions required to start and develop your business.

To arrange an appointment to meet or for more information, please call Richard Jackson direct on +44 (0)1638 731850 or send an email to