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Training Programmes

There are many ways of developing a business and its people.
The most cost effective and efficient method is through training and development programmes written and delivered to your specific needs.

Programme   Results
Leadership and Managing for Success   Highly skilled, motivated and knowledgeable managers leading your business in the market place.
Management and Team Development   More confident, capable managers and teams able to make improvements in a competitive environment.
Selling, Negotiation, Account Development and Management   Effective, influential, confident, organised sales people who generate profitable sales and repeat business.

Customer Care, Service and Relations
- With both Internal and External “Customers”
  Dedicated staff that are fully aware of customers’ needs and can be relied upon to be understanding and to deliver exceptional standards of service.


Appraisal and Performance Management

  Ensuring that realistic targets are met, improvements made and consistent results achieved.

Performance may be benchmarked against tried and tested models to allow progress to be measured and higher standards obtained against business plans and objectives.



  • All training and development programmes are based on converting theory into practical application appropriate to the situation.
  • They are structured over a pre-determined period consisting of a training day followed by applying new skills in the work place.
  • This method ensures that the responsibility for progressive improvement and success remains with the individuals and their teams.
  • Training or coaching programmes for senior management or executives are delivered as 'Master Classes' on specific subjects to stretch the participants to get improved results.